Transferring Firearms from Out of State

We can handle the transfer of long guns and handguns from an
out of state dealer to you. The process is outlined below. You
must be eighteen to purchase long guns, and twenty-one to
purchase handguns.
  • Once you (the buyer) decide on a purchase, or win a bid
    on an online auction, you work out payment terms with
    the seller.
  • You can email us the name and mailing address of the
    seller, and we send them a copy of our FFL.
  • The firearm is then shipped to us.
  • When the firearm is received, you will be contacted to
    arrange a time for pickup at our location.
  • You will complete an ATF form 4473 and a background
    check through CBI is performed. Upon approval of the
    background check, the firearm is transferred to you.
The cost for this service is $20 or $30 if multiple handguns
are transferred.

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